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On today's podcast, I am excited to welcome a special guest and my friend, Cristen Pascucci of Birth Monopoly! Cristen and I talk about how to file hospital complaints when people experience mistreatment or unsafe care during childbirth. 

Content warning: Obstetric violence, birth trauma, and sexual assault in obstetrics. 

A former communications strategist at a top public affairs firm in Baltimore, Maryland, Cristen Pascucci is the founder of Birth Monopoly and creator of the online course, Know Your Rights: Legal and Human Rights in Childbirth for Birth Professionals and Advocates. She is also co-creator of the Exposing the Silence Project and host of Birth Allowed Radio, a podcast. Cristen is a leading voice in the field of maternity care, speaking around the world and consulting privately on issues related to birth rights and birthing options.

Cristen and I talk about the formal process of how one can submit a complaint to the hospital and state licensing boards if they experienced mistreatment or unsafe childbirth practices. We also talk about obstetric violence and birth trauma due to systemic barriers in childbirth care, and how more people can become involved as advocates.


Learn more about Cristen Pascucci and Birth Monopoly here (www.birthmonopoly.com).

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Find out about "Mother May I" the documentary here: https://mothermayithemovie.com  

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Read the news report about the Annals of Internal Medicine paper about abusive behavior in the operating room here

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