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In this episode, I talk with certified nurse midwife Liane MacPherson. Liane has been working in women’s health for over 32 years - initially as a labor and delivery nurse, and for the past 19 years as a CNM. She is also a lactation consultant, a childbirth educator, and a midwifery professor with the Georgetown University graduate midwifery program, into which she introduced Evidence Based Birth’s Higher Ed resources. Liane is taking doctorate studies, and she has trained in a variety of places - including Canada, Haiti, Germany, England, Ireland - as well as the U.S. She served in a collaborative private practice in Texas for ten years, and is now currently the certified nurse midwife director for a large OB hospitalist program.

Liane and I discuss the career trajectory of certified nurse midwives in the U.S., and she compares the American systemic viewpoint of midwives to those in other countries. We also talk about options for students pursuing nurse midwifery in today’s health care system, and the evidence surrounding the midwife/physician collaborative model.

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