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In this episode, I interview Sabia Wade, a Black and Queer full spectrum doula, doula business coach and reproductive justice advocate. She is the founder of For The Village and Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings. She’s also a Somatic Experience Practitioner in training. Sabia’s mission is to bring inclusive, accessible and full spectrum education and resources to all individuals and organizations dedicated to creating a world of inclusion, justice and equity to birthing people all over the world.

Sabia and I discuss health disparities and advocacy, and how both are being affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Follow Sabia’s on Instagram @theblackdoula and @birthingadvocacy.

Connect with Sabina at The Black Doula and Birthing Advocacy.

Donate to For the Village here.

See Sabia’s Marco Polo Channel here.

For sliding scale and/or free assistance from a doula, and birth strategy planning during the pandemic, contact birthunplanning@gmail.com.
Black Maternal Health Week is April 14-21. Visit https://blackmamasmatter.org/bmhw/ to learn about upcoming webinars, resources, and more!

Selected news articles about health disparities and the coronavirus:


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