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In this episode I interview Ambrosia Meikle, a Los Angles-based Evidence Based Birth®️ Instructor, CAPPA-certified birth and postpartum doula, and a full-spectrum doula. She is also a lactation educator specialist and childbirth educator, Ambrosia also volunteers to teach childbirth classes and provide doula services at a high school for pregnant teens. She is a mother of two. This show has a trigger warning for pregnancy termination related to a fatal birth defect.

Before entering birth work, Ambrosia was a surrogate for a family from overseas. In her practice, Ambrosia serves an extremely diverse community, and she is passionate about ensuring that everyone has access to the type of support that is best for them. 

We talk about Ambrosia’s surrogacy - including some very difficult decisions she had to make during that pregnancy, and the moment she felt empowered in her labor to birth the baby when she felt the time was right. We also talk about the importance of childbirth education and support for pregnant teens.

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