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In this episode, I cover all the latest evidence on the use of Pitocin during the third stage of labor - which is also the topic of the latest Evidence Based Birth Signature Article, released this week! 

The third stage of labor, or placental stage, begins after the baby is born and ends after the birth of the placenta (sometimes called the “afterbirth”). It follows the first two stages of labor - the dilation stage and the pushing stage. In practice, there are three main approaches to care for the birth of the placenta - active management, expectant management, and mixed management. Some of these methods include the use of Pitocin - a synthetic form of the hormone oxytocin. I cover the pros and cons of each of these, as well last the latest research and recommendations.

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See the Evidence Based Birth Signature Article, The Evidence on: Pitocin During the Third Stage of Labor, here! All research and sources are linked at the end of the article. 

Download the EBB one-page handout on Pitocin During the Third Stage of Labor here.