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In this episode, I interview JaMichael Perryman, who is husband of Evidence Based Birth Professional Membership Coordinator and EBB Instructor Chanté Perryman. JaMichael is father to five children, and has experienced a wide variety of births - ranging from an emergency Cesarean to three VBACs which have all been precipitous births. He has been joining Chanté during her childbirth classes to offer a dad’s perspective for partners. In 2018 he was a speaker at Kentucky’s March for Moms. 
JaMichael hosts a weekly discussion called HIMbracing Fatherhood under the name Mr. ManDoula where he gives real world and practical advice for dads and partners.

We talk about the history of fathers and partners in the birth room, and the importance of encouraging dads to have a hands on approach and to use their voice during the birth process.

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Click here (https://www.babydreamsmc.com/fatherhood.html) to see JaMichael Perryman, “Mr. ManDoula” on HIMbracing Fatherhood.

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