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On today's podcast, I interview Fiona and Craig Castleton about their birthing experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fiona and Craig welcomed their first baby in April 2020 — when everything was locked down. To prepare for their experience, they took the Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Class with EBB Instructor, Shalin Butterworth, who also happened to be their doula.

We talk about their experience taking the online Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Class and how Shalin helped mentor them in comfort measures and advocacy. We also talk about birthing during the COVID-19 pandemic and how they advocated for themselves during pregnancy and during the birth. Fiona has shorter stature and had a history of spinal fusion surgery as a teen, and she had to navigate conflicting medical opinions about her ability to have an epidural or, even whether or not she could have a vaginal birth.

In the end, Fiona and Craig used their advocacy skills and had an empowering unmedicated hospital birthing experience as first-time parents.

Shalin Butterworth, their doula, and EBB Instructor: https://www.sozenbirthservices.com/
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