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I'm pleased to share with you today's podcast episode, which is a comprehensive update of the research evidence on COVID-19 and pregnancy and childbirth!

To view the scientific references for this article, visit the COVID-19 resource page here and look for the February 17, 2021 podcast episode text.

In this podcast episode, I cover:

  • The current global situation
  • What we know so far about prevention/vaccines during pregnancy
  • Testing and diagnosis
  • Symptoms during pregnancy
  • Risk of hospitalization and severe/critical illness in pregnancy
  • Treatment of COVID-19 during pregnancy
  • Risks to the fetus, including the risk of preterm birth
  • Timing of birth if you're infected with COVID-19
  • Whether its possible to transmit COVID-19 to the fetus in utero
  • Antibody transfer during pregnancy and through human milk
  • Newborn outcomes and best practices when a baby is born to an infected parent
  • Hospital policies on permitting birth partners
  • Hospital policies on permitting doulas
  • Changes we've seen to labor and delivery practices during the pandemic
  • Where you can go to read guidelines from professional organizations

I hope that this podcast episode is helpful! I'm happy that our research team was able to put it together for you.

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