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We are thrilled to announce that we have updated the research information on one of our most popular articles, the Evidence on Advanced Maternal Age.

My mom had her first baby at the age of 19, and that was "normal" back then. But today, it seems like delaying pregnancy until your 30s or older is becoming the norm. All around the world, the average age at first birth is going up and reaching record highs! So needless to say, the topic of "Advanced Maternal Age" affects a LOT of people!

In today's podcast, I share the recording from our webinar on AMA that will include the actual statistics on the health outcomes for people who are pregnant at 35 and older. The recording also includes some storytelling and discussion of the implications of this research data.

Hopefully, the information in the podcast and the Signature Article will be helpful either to you or someone you know. Feel free to forward this article to anyone you think might be interested!

Content warning: We will talk about statistics on stillbirth, newborn death, and gestational mortality, as well as the effects of racism on stillbirth.


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