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On today’s podcast, we will be talking with our honored guest, Dr. Amber Warmsley. Dr. Warmsley is a wife of five years to an amazing husband and a mother of two young children. She's a native Southern Californian transplanted to the D.C. metro area who will always love the beach. Dr. Warmsley is also an attending board-certified practicing OB-GYN with 8 years experience, 12 years if you count residency (which you definitely should). Dr. Warmsley is currently Chairperson of the department of OB-GYN and hospitalist site director at a hospital in Maryland.

Dr. Warmsley is passionate about fostering a collaborative care approach to pregnancy-related care and creating a safe, positive, and uplifting birthing experience. She believes that all women and families deserve compassion, respect, dignity, and shared decision-making from their birthing team. 


Learn more about The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) here (www.acog.org).

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