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Today, I am excited to continue our important 3-day series about the Minnesota Healing Justice Network!

**Content warning: In this episode, we talk about the uprisings after George Floyd’s murder and safety concerns during birth due to racial traumatic event. We also discuss an event in which parents were temporarily separated from their newborn baby, which may be disturbing to listen to.**

In this episode, you'll hear from new parents Jenae Herron and Marcel Malekebu. Jenae is a housing case manager, and Marcel does podcast production. Jenae and Marcel took the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class co-taught by EBB Instructors Heather Christine Struwe and Rhonda Fellows. Rhonda was also their doula, and she was featured on yesterday's podcast about birth in Minnesota.

Towards of the end of Jenae's pregnancy in June, the COVID-19 pandemic was already in full swing, and then George Floyd was murdered. The day Jenae's water broke at 37 weeks, they were unsure what to do because of elevated safety concerns in the city. She and Marcel navigated a long labor and a switch from planning a birth center birth at Roots Community Birth Center, to home birth, to hospital birth.

We discuss their unique experience and flexibility in their birth, as well as the evidence surrounding chorioamnionitis (maternal infection) and the implications for newborn care. I answered their questions about newborn resuscitation with the cord intact, and how to know when a baby needs antibiotics if the mother had an infection during labor.

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