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On today's podcast, we're going to talk with Mera and Dimitri about having their fourth baby after the age of 35 and giving birth before they could make it to the hospital. 

Mera is a freelance writer, enrichment educator, and mom of four living in South Carolina. Dimitri is an army veteran studying computer science and a father of four in South Carolina. Mera and Dimitri recently gave birth to their baby in October of 2020. And they took the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth class with EBB instructor, Juliann Lee, who is also based in South Carolina. 

We will talk about their very exciting birth story about giving birth in their living room before they could make it to the hospital. We also talk about their experience of pregnancy after 35 and feeling prepared to advocate for the birth that they wanted after taking the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth class. 

**Content warning: We will talk about prior birth trauma.**

Learn more about Juliann Lee here (https://www.littleorchidsbirth.com/meet-juliann). 

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