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In this episode, I interview Miranda Kelly, a certified birth doula, postpartum doula, and childbirth educator who has worked for ten years in Indigenous people’s health planning, policy education, and research. Miranda holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Psychology, and a Master of Public Health degree. She is a mother of two girls, and is a member of the ekw’í7tl (pronounced ah-quay-tull) doula collective in Vancouver.

Miranda is passionate about indigenous peoples reclaiming their authority as decision makers in their own health and wellbeing, and I’m thrilled to welcome Miranda to the podcast to let us know about the work that she and other community organizers are doing for the Indigenous community. We also discuss the evidence on amniotic fluid.

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Follow Miranda at her website and Instagram.

Click here for information on the ekw’í7tl doula collective.

Click here to learn about the Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program, administered by the BC Association of Aboriginal
Friendship Centres.

Click here to see the Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine guidelines on evaluation and management of polyhydramnios.

For the Evidence Based Birth article What is the Evidence for Induction for Low Fluid at Term in a Healthy Pregnancy?, click here

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