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In this episode I am joined by new parent Jenny Russell, a registered nurse from Tennessee. Jenny struggled with infertility during her previous marriage, became unexpectedly pregnant in a new relationship, and took the Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Class as a single parent without a support person. Her EBB Instructor, Heidi Duncan, taught the class and also served as her doula. Jenny works full time as a clinical analyst in evidence based nursing documentation. She is also a full time caregiver for her mother, who has early onset Alzheimer’s.

Jenny candidly shares the incredible pressures she faced in her prenatal care, including her traumatic and stressful experiences in choosing the right providers to work with her, and switching care to a midwife just weeks before her due date. We also talk about the importance of doulas, and the crucial role Jenny’s amazing doulas filled during her birth and postpartum care.

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