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In this episode, I am joined by Danie Crofoot of Full Spectrum Doulas, an organization dedicated to creating dialogue around topics such as LGBTQIA+ inclusion, cultural competency, racial issues, and much more within the birth community. Their goal is to create space and support for people to have the power to write their own birth and postpartum stories. Danie is a childbirth educator and sex educator, and is known as a “traveling doula” - splitting time mostly between Los Angeles and New York.

Danie and I discuss a number of issues relating to queer and trans parents, including the evidence on trans people, hormones and pregnancy, trans masculine people and pregnancy, mis-gendering, hospital logistics, and how the academic world can build a more rubust body of research on topics relating to LGBTQIA+.

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Connect with Danie Crofoot on Instagram (@of.earth.and.salt), Facebook, and at ofbirthandsalt.net.

Learn more about Full Spectrum Doulas here.

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