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On today's podcast, we're going to talk with Birth Fusion founder and Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, Jennifer Anderson, about her work as a childbirth educator and doula while serving families who get pregnant via in vitro fertilization and those over the age of 35.

Jennifer Anderson (she/her) is an RN, doula, childbirth educator, birth photographer, and Evidence Based Birth Instructor. Jennifer provides labor support to couples in the Sacramento, California region and she also teaches the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class online to families everywhere.

In 2011, Jennifer started Birth Fusion to provide labor support and childbirth classes to couples in Northern California. Today, Jennifer has supported more than 225 births in the Sacramento and Bay Area. In 2019, Jennifer was one of the first instructors to begin teaching the EBB Childbirth Class, and she's taught more than 45 classes in three short years. While keeping her license active in nursing, Jennifer likes to say she practices community nursing. Jennifer's core demographics include IVF couples and those over the age of 35, as she guides couples in understanding their risks through the lens of their values. Jennifer's superpower is educating and supporting families and navigating labor inductions by taking away the element of surprise while thinking outside the box to help her clients gain agency and autonomy in this process. 

We talk about Jennifer’s work assisting individuals and families who become pregnant through in vitro fertilization, as well as individuals over the age of 35. We also talk about Jennifer’s work as an EBB Instructor and her experience serving families in need during the pandemic.

Content Warning: We mention gendered language, pre-eclampsia, labor induction, the COVID pandemic, epidural, labor pain, in vitro fertilization, stillbirth, and miscarriage related to being 35 and older.


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