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In this episode, I am excited to share the evidence on vaginal birth after Cesarean, or VBAC. We have received many requests at Evidence Based Birth to cover this topic, so I want to share with you the information on VBAC that I present in a class we teach in the EBB Higher Ed program.

In this podcast, I define some common terms related to VBAC and talk about the history of the procedure. By the end, you will have the facts on the prevalence and risk factors for uterine rupture, and you’ll understand some of the maternal, fetal, and newborn risks of VBAC, elective repeat Cesarean, and Cesarean birth after Cesarean.

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  • Access the International Cesarean Awareness Network’s "Terminology: What is a CBAC?” here.
  • Visit VBAC Facts here.
  • Visit ICAN here.
  • See the Association of Ontario Midwives Clinical Guidelines Statement on Vaginal Birth After Previous Low-Segment Cesarean Section here.
  • Get the Association of Ontario Midwives handout, Thinking About VBAC: What’s Right for Me, here.
  • Get information on VBAC from Power to Push here (http://www.powertopush.ca/birth-options/types-of-birth/vaginal-birth-after-cesarean/).
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